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KARA OVA TARIM MAKINALARI began its operations in Turkey in 1974 by manufacturing agricultural machines and trailers; continues its way with the rightful pride of presenting the strong experiences which it has gained from past to present to the farmers in a concrete way.Inspiring the industry with its 46-year deep history, KARA OVA TARIM MAKINALARI has adopted the principle of keeping every equipment it produces at the level of quality standards with its awareness of innovative awareness, and thus managed to be among the habits of its target audience.In the light of the developments in the contemporary technology reflected in the agricultural sector, KARA OVA TARIM MAKINALARI, which keeps its knowledge up-to-date, takes steps towards the future with its visionary stance and acts simultaneously with the changing technology.KARA OVA TARIM MAKINALARI has a production line synchronized with ...